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Where to Start

If you're in business to succeed ... and you're NOT already on the Internet, it's not too late! ArabSites suggests every business take the following steps to establish their Internet presence and join the rest of the world's businesses participating in global communications and commerce.
  1. Register your domain name now.
  2. Give everyone access to email.
  3. Establish a Web site.
  4. Promote your Internet presence.

Register Your Domain Name Now!

Domain Name Services If your domain name is available, we strongly recommend you register it as soon as possible. If your first choice is not available, you should consider another version of your company or product's name.

Domain names are being gobbled up at the amazing rate of over 150,000 per month. If you don't stake your claim today, there's a good chance someone else will register your name, making it forever unavailable to you.

Remember, your domain name is your company's identity in cyberspace.

ArabSites can quickly and economically register your domain name with the InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center). Check your domain name's availability today!

See our Domain Name Services for details.

Give Everyone Access to Email

Setup email Accounts If you don't already have email in your office, you should! email is fast becoming the most economical and easy-to-use business communication tool in the world today. email will quickly become as important to your everyday business as the FAX is today.

All you need is a service such as ArabSite's Web Mail Server to link your office and all of you staff to the rest of the world. Using your own domain, and a service like Web Mail, you can create multiple email accounts like or to attract and organize communications between your customers and business partners and your staff.

ArabSites offers a wide range of email services and options to meet your business needs. Web Mail Server, for instance, allows you to manage multiple email accounts individually. Your staff can change their passwords, set up email forwarding, activate auto-response messaging, and administer their own email right over the Web, with no special tools or training.

See our Email Services for details.

Establish a Web Site

Build Web Site If email is like the FAX, then the World Wide Web (or simply, the Web) is like a huge, interactive Yellow Pages system where everyone in the book has a full-page display ad called their "home page" or "web site". The web's commercial use is absolutely exploding! Each day more and more businesses are discovering the Web to be an excellent vehicle for expanding their markets, communicating with their investors, providing services to their customers, and containing costs.

Your Web presence can be elaborate, or simple. It can cost thousands of dollars to build and maintain, or it can cost a few hundred dollars. What's right for your business? ArabSites recommends starting small, staying conservative, and then growing your Web site as you gain experience and as your business dictates.

Simple Web sites might include a home page and several related pages that describe your company, your products or services, and on-line forms for customers to request things from you. More elaborate Web sites might include catalog sales applications, audio and video selections, on-line credit card processing, and more.

ArabSites provides a full range of Web hosting services and can suggest a web site design company or individual designer to help your business design, build, and maintain the appropriate web site for you.

See our Business Web Sites Services for details.

Promote Your Internet Presence

Promote Web Site Finally, every successful business knows the importance and the power of promoting itself through all available means. A Web site that is not registered with the Internet Search Engines and not promoted in other ways is not very effective. In fact, it's presence is practically lost.

A successful web site takes far more than just programing and creativity. It's not a case of "if you build it, they will come." To be successful, a business needs to mount a serious and sustained promotion campaign to attract visitors and customers to one's Web site. It starts with email and Web site addresses on your business cards and in your promotional ads and materials, but it goes beyond those traditional promotional campaigns.

ArabSites offers several excellent promotional services to help businesses achieve the visibility it takes to be successful on the Web. Our NetAnnounce™ services register your Web site with 200 Internet Search Engines and listing services. ArabSites Banner Advertising places your banner in front of Web surfers inviting them to click and be on your Web site.

See our Banner Advertising Services for details.

Internet Services

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ArabSites provides the essential Internet Services your business needs!

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