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Links:   A La Cuisine Annuaire Gastornomique Directory: Cuisine Arabic and Interantional Links by A La Cuisine Directory, cooking sites all around the world. arabic, europeen, american, middel east..

A Multi-Lingual Portal to Islam: A Multi-Lingual Portal to Islam

A Simple Path to Islam: A site designed to make learning about Islam easy. Contains many useful books.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips' Official Homepage: The official homepage of Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, a well known English speaking Muslim / Islamic scholar, author and professor

ACB Distributors: A Christian resource centre for Arabic speaking communities in Canada. Arabic Christian Books, Arabic Church Directory, Arabic Bible on-line, Devotionals, Poetry, Middle East News and Weather, ... and more

Ahlul-Bayt Islamic Library: This Site contains islamic informationsand a lot of links to islamic books, articlesand sites.

Aisha's Collected Stories of Becoming Muslims from A-Z: An invitation to Islam. Collected stories of new Muslims from A-Z plus search engines from A-Z for the word Islam.

Al Muhaddith Islamic Software, Quran Audio, Islamic Books, Islamic Downloads with Online Search: Free Islamic software, Quran audio, islamic books, islamic downloads with online search. Downloads: 90 classic Islamic books (Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Dictionary. Arabic/English), islamic search software, islamic prayer times (quran recitation).


Al-Hussainia: A research based site, for the seekers of truth. Alot for researchers here. Free Ebooks, articles, pictures, sayings of imams, , and a chance to publish your work.

ALBR Islamic Society جمعية البر بالرياض فرع حي العريجا: A great Comprehensive site of a welfare association which takes care of the affaires of the poor and the needy it also consists of fatwa and very valuable guidance

Alehsan Charity: Alehdan charity is non-profit organization.Its aims are hepling poor people,guarattee poor families and orphans.The charity works in social,scientific and medical fields.

alsalafyoon: An islamic arabic english site with large collection of audio and text in both languages on islam popular Forum

American Muslim: An American Muslim describes the process by which Allah led her to Islam. The also offers Islamic greetings, hajj tips, recipes, FAQ on Islam, and links.

An Islamic Directory and Search Engine - Talk Islam: Talk Islam is a Library of Islamic web sites with search engine. Topics include all Muslim beliefs and Islamic practices, Comparative Religions, Islamic Organizations, Resources and Marketplace on the Internet.

Arabic Halal food in China: Arabic Indian & Chinese food restaurants in china

Arabic Injil in Audio: Hear the living word of God in Audio -- Chapter by Chapter of the Injil.You can also read the sacred text as you are listening to the audio.

Assiraj al-Munir Islamic Association in Lebanon: دعوتنا: الرجوع إلى القرآن الكريم وصحيح السنة النبوية بفهم سلف الأمة تحت شعار: التصفية والتربية. تجدون في الموقع: مكتبة إسلامية واسعة من الكتب والمحاضرات والمقالات والأشرطة المتنوعة

Australian Christian Music: Live and studio praise and worship music from Australia. Training for worship leaders and FREE MP3 files

Beyond Prayer and Meditation: Personal experiences of spiritual growth. Inspirational writings. Joel S Goldsmith audio. Discover Clear Truth.

Buy ZamZam Water from the holy city of Mecca أشتري ماء زمزم من مدينة مكة: Buy Zamzam water on line from, we deliver world wide. Now you can taste the real water, the holy zamzam water. نحن نشحن ماء زمزم الى أغلب دول العالم

carushka: carushka bodywear

Daily Ayat Service and Ayaat Screensaver: The daily Ayat Service sends one (or more) ayat to a mailing list which contains more that 2400 members. The Ayaat Screensaver depicts beautiful images of Allah's creation along with relevant verses of the holy Quran.

El Brujo, Makes Possible the Impossible: Ancient Teaching for the modern age. El Brujo, Offers correspondence course in metaphysical, magick, and psychic development. Affordable lessons. El Brujo does all Spiritual jobs, from readings to Exorcisms

EveyOneIslam: For every muslim to surf the site and post a message/Nasiha for the benefit of our muslim Brothers and sisters.

Falsafa the way: Arabic language site seeking to build a social economical network to support arab unity and palestine.

Good News Church, USA [download free] Intl. Ministries: Live, Internet Church. Jesus Film. Audio Bible. Distance, World, Bible Training Center.

Good News, USA, International: Worship the Holy Spirit, Online [download free] Live Services

Gospel Literature Service - .: A trust and a non-profit ministry, Gospel Literature Service (GLS) began its publishing venture with a vision to bring Christ to the people of India.

hajj&umrah: hajj&ummrah programs

hi arab: b_2000 Interactive Islamic Daawa web site. Holy Makkah,Holy Mecca is an Islamic Daawa Interactive web site. Hajj, Umrah, Ramadan, travel information center, Ka'ba, Abraham,Muhammed(PBUH), Word of Allah, Qur-an,Zamzam Holy Water

IICWC: Islamic Organization

Iman Group for Haj: Collaborative, non-profit organization offers outstanding services for Haj in Saudi Arabia

in car Duaa al Safar: Every time you start your car, the miniature screen illuminates the holy text, and plays Duaa Al Safar as we are taught by Prophet Mouhammad.

infoislam .: Anauthentic islamic mailing list moderated keeps increasing you knowledge of islam by sending you regular emails you always have choice to unsubscribe anytime easily.

Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM): to explain that Islam is a religion that promotes truth and is based on tolerance and dynamism

ISLAM: Islam History, Othmiyyah Empoyer, Convert To Islam, Debate Islam Cristian, Convert to Islam, Dakwah and etc...

Islam and Archaeology: Shows the evidence for the historical events in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Islam and Muslims: This site is dedicated to Islam, Hadith, Prophets, and the Islamic culture and society

Islam and the Baha'i Faith: A brief study of the relationship between the two belief systems.

Islam in the Light of the Final Testament & Traditions: An online version of a book, which deals with questions and answers pertaining to Islam, and its application to daily life.

Islamic Al Hanif Online Studies: Ayat Allah Study Course is as follows: This is a prepared course of 30 lessons based on the Noble Qur'an and Holy Scriptures which present the divine truths of True Islam

Islamic Institute of the Americas: An independent Islamic entity representing the Muslim Converts of the Americas. Offers abundant information on Islam. Your source for Islamic music

Islamic Links: ISLAMIC LINKS روابط إسلامية مختارة, Useful good selected Islamic links for all ,Your guide to FREE ISLAMIC THINGS,and more , please have alook

Islamic Islamic Pictures and art. We have a great selection of designs on papyrus and velvet. We also do custom works for any verse and any size you require. Please allow us the opportunity to decorate your home in the name of Allah.

Islamic Religious Center: Islamic internet site based on the sunnah way of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Peace and Blessings upon Him).

Islamic Top 70 Sites: find the most comprehensive list of Islamic sites,Islam, muslims, Allah, God, Mohammed Peace be Uponhim, prophet, prayer, Mecca, Jerusalem,add your Islamic site now for free.

Islamic Veil: هذا الموقع لدعم و مساندة الاخوات المسلمات المنتقبات والمحجبات حجاب اسلامي كامل و صحيح

islamicprayers: invocations for all occassions

Kashif's Pakistan/Islam Online: Now features downloads, information, pictures gallery, mosques, free stuff, cool links, newspapers, chat and more.

lamaizy1: موقع شخصي إسلامي يحتوي على مواضيع مفيدة وعلى روابط مهمة .. لاتتردد في زيارته .

Les livres de Harun Yahya: Dans ce site vous trouverez les livres de Harun Yahya sur l’Islam, le Coran et de nombreux livres publies (la politique,science,foi) sur l'existence d'Allah, l’invalidite de la Théorie d'ةvolution.

Mezquita Sheikh Ibrahim de Caracas: The biggest mosque in South America.

MODERN ZEN SOCIETY: A Modern Style of Zen Combining Buddhist Prajna and Madhyamika Thought with the Spirit of Modern Science and Humanism

Mohamad Rida Web Pages: This is a personal site with arabic and islamic links

Mohammed's Home Page: Links to:Qatar, Arab World, Islam

Muslim Matrimonial Service: Provides free matrimonial service for Muslims to find life parnter. Includes articles about Islamic zawaj and more

Muslim Names: The biggest list of Muslim Names with their meanings. Names for both boys and girls are listed.

Nada's Paradise: A dedication to the Lord God my Saviour

Nagoya Mosque: One of the fewest mosques in Japan

New Life Tract Society: Exhortations, encouragements, quotes, illustrations, prayer, mentor, and helps

North Broadway Church of Christ: Global Church directory, sermons, Real Audio Christian music, Art, Bible Study Games, Christian Singles, and more. God is reaching out to every one in every nation.

Nosoos: Arabic Text for Islamic Books

Ramadan on the net: Ramadan on the net: site about the holy month ramadan.

Restoring the Vision: A Scriptural prophetic teaching of the walk of the glorious and victorious church at the end of the age which parallels Jesus's public ministry of three and one-half years.

River Garden Arts -- Islamic Book Publisher: We publish Holy Quran and Sunnah supported Islamic book series. Reverts (often referred to as converts to Islam) and lifetime Muslims share Five Pillar of Islam experiences: Shahada, Salah, Zakat, Ramadan Fasting, and Hajj.

Silsila Shahiya Asrariya: Divine path for the seeker of Love of Allah

Temple of Angels: An interfaith site regarding Angels in the Holy Texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The Islamic Cooperative Office For Call And Guidance: This Site for calling to Islam by distributingBooks through the Internet And P.O.Box Mail popular

The Islamic Way of Life: offers a vast range of useful applications and enlightening articles, helping Muslims to cope with their religious obligations and lifestyles. There are four channels (myBelief, mySelf, etc.) that are updated daily

The medical miracle of Quran .: Many articles about the medical miracles of Quran including embryology, skin and brain anatomy and others which were revealed over 1400 years ago .

The ORINA Collection: Thought-provoking and inspirational books about Islam and related subjects.

The Revival Of Islamic Dawah: A huge Islaamic information domain featuring one new Islaamic article and Real Audio Islaamic lecture daily

The Straight Way: The Straight Way™ is an Islamic web site that helps you learn more about the World's oldest and most popular religion, Islam

The True Religion: The goal of this site is to introduce the reader to Islam, the natural religion of man. Hundreds of articles covering topics such as: God, monotheism, the purpose of life, Christianity and refutations of anti-Islamic claims.

The Weed Shop: A UK based online seller of seeds, books etc.

Voice of Preaching the Gospel: Arabic Christian site offering a monthly Christian magazine and a wealth of Arabic Christian literature.

Young Adult Planning & Advisory Council Online: We are a peer ministry serving those 18-40 in and around theRoman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, NJ, USA. We have manyresources available to assist groups, links togroups and ministries worldwide, and e-postcards.

أعمال القلوب والسلوك والأخلاق: يقدم هذا الموقع كلمات وارشادات تتعلق بأعمال السلوك والأخلاق الفاضلة وأعمال القلوب والرقائق .

الاباضية: تاريخ الاباضية وعقائدها

الـوسـطـية: موقع للحوار الفكري الراقي وفق استراتيجية جادة لإيجاد كوادر علمية وفكرية مؤهلة تجمع بين الأصالة في فهم النصوص الربانية إلى جانب الدراية في فهم متغيرات العصر بعيدا عن النظرات الضيقة من جهة وعن الذوبان وضياع الهوية من جهة أخرى. ولعله يكون بإذن الله إضافة جديدة لإثراء النقاش الشجاع وتحقيق اقصى درجات الوئام الممكنة وفق إطار النص الشرعي الثابت لا وفق أهواء الرجال الذين لو اتبع الحق أهواءهم لفسدت السموات والأرض ومن فيهن.

الوافـي: دليل إسلامي يحتوي على نخبة المواقع الإسلامية

بني الحارث /ميسان / قيا / أبو راكة: قبيلة بني الحارث تراثه وموقها و أعرافها وغير ذلك

جمعية الإحسان الخيرية: جمعية الاحسان من الجمعيات الخيرية العاملة في بلاد اليمن تهدف الى نشر العلم والعقيدة الصحيحة بين الناس ومساعدة الفقراء وكفالة السر الفقير والأيتام ولها انشطة احتماعية وعلمية وطبية.

جمعية الإحسان الخيرية /فلسطين-بيت لحم: جمعية خيرية إسلامية فلسطينية (هيا لنمسح دمعة أم ثكلى أو طفل يتيم أو طالب فقير أو أب معدم أو عائلة ليس لها معيل أو مجاهد أحالته رصاصات الحقد اليهودي إلى عاجز لا يقوى على الحركة أو العمل…)

حزب الدعوة الاسلامية: حزب يدعو الى اشاعة الوعي الاسلامي ويعتبر من اهم الحركات المعارضة لنظام صدام في العراق

صفحة فيصل نور: مواقع إسلامية، عربية - كتب ومقالات - صوتيات ومرئيات - ساحات حوار - صحف و مجلات -مع الشيعة الإمامية : مواقع متخصصة ، حوار ومناظرات ، كتب ومقالات ، صور ووثائق وحقائق ، سلسلة الحقائق الغائبة

طريق الإسلام: الكثير من المعلومات الإسلامية ، معلومات عن الجن والملائكة وعدو الإنسان الأول زالكثير الكثير ، تفضل بالزيارة .

لجنة توزيع المطبوعات الدينية على الحجاج والمعتمرين: نرسل لك الكتب والأشرطة الإسلامية المتوفرة بلغات مختلفة إلى عنوانك البريدي في أي مكان بالعالم مجاناً لتوعية الحجاج والمعتمرين خصوصاً والمسلمين عموماً بمختلف الوسائل مجاناً we send islamic books and cassetes to your P.O.Box for free

مكتبة الغرباء الاسلاميه بتركيا((علىمنهاج اهل السنة والجماعة)) زورنا: مكتبه تسرها ان تتبادل الخبرات والنشرات والكتب الاسلاميه ما بينها وبين دور النشر الاخرى وهي دعويه اسلاميه خيريه بحته ليس لها اي قصد تجاري نرجوا زيارتنا

منابر الدعوة: موقع إسلامي متكامل(إسلامي ،عربي ، إنجليزي , ثقافي ,تعليمي , دعوي )

منتدى انا المسلم: المنتدى السلفي تجد فيه الحوار الموضوعي والبحث الاسلامي الصحيح الموقع كان للشيعه وتم شراءه واصبح موقع لاهل السنه

موقع يا حسين - بعنوانه الجديد: موقع إسلامي ثقافي مميّز، يتضمن المواضيع التالية : القرآن الكريم، السيرة، شهادة الإمام الحسين عليه السلام، المكتبة الإسلامية، القصائد الشعرية، الأدعية والزيارات، المجالس الحسينية، اللطميات والمدائح، قسم الصور، المستبصرون، المدن الإسلامية، منتديات الحوار، دليل مواقع، المناسبات الإسلامية، والعديد من المواضيع الأخرى، مع تطوير دائم ومستمر..

واحة الإنترنت الإسلامية: إذا كنت تبحث عن موقع باللغة العربية يحتوي على مواضيع إسلامية متميزة متعلقة بالإنترنت ، وفقرات متنوعة ومسلية ، وساحات حوار في مواضيع هامة وشيقة وفريدة من نوعها ، فنرجو أن يكون هذا الموقع هو ما تبحث عنه.

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