Friday, 17 November 2017 

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Links:   Almishkat Centre for Research, Egypt: Almishkat is an independent, non-commercial institution devoted to advancing knowledge on contemporary Egypt, and Arab countries, through research in the social sciences, with emphasis on human development

Marges Linguistiques: Marges Linguistiques is a free, bi-yearly, online journal in linguistics dedicated to general linguistic issues

Palace of miracles: Find your secrets and the secrets of your ... .

UFOBC: We investigate ufo sightings, alien abduction, bigfoot, cropcircles, ghosts, the paranormal and supernatural in British Columbia Canada

جمعية العفاف الخيرية: جمعية خيرية تهدف الى تيسير سبل الزواج في المجتمع الاردني

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