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Links:   Arabs United: a free forum to discuss Arab unity and other related issues

Boreh's Page: The editorial content focuses on Africa, The Arab and Islamic World. Human rights are also promenantly covered.

Communaut de Communes des Deux Helpes : La ccr2h: Prsentation de la Communaut de Communes des Deux Helpes : la CCR2H. Elle rassemble les communes rurales du sud du dpartement.

dawn tighe: sharing opinions regarding our goverments workings

Delegation France: french resources on-line for foreign trade. french portal for exporters and international mobility. dree network. cooperation france - asean and france - mercosur. french groups developing worldwide

Egypt for Culture & Dialogue: We are concerned about the Arabian culture

Entre nous ...: Prsentation des activits et des ides de l'amicale des gaullistes de Montereau Vous dcouvrirez en photos les activits et les administrateurs.Des liens sur d'autres sites vous sont proposs

Freedom for Mirzabeyoglu: TheThe site about Salih Mirzabeyoglu, arrested Islamist thinker and writer, his biography, his works, tortures he suffered and violation of his rights(Turkish)

Gamal Abdul Nasser: Gamal's Values and Honor. Articles and audio. Arab's history and Hidden information

Green Party of Iran: Iranian environment political group supporting democracy and human rights for Iran. Site includes Farsi and English news regarding Iran's nature, environment and current affairs.

Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies: A Cairo based professional research organization whose main objective is the advancement of applied social sciences with special emphasis on Egypt, the Arab World and the Third World.

Missouri 51st Militia: State charted militia seeking to perserve America s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Mowj Media International: The National Opposition Front(MOWJ)

National Weather Service HomePage: Provides the U.S. Official weather observations, forecasts, and warnings around the country and coastal water areas.

New Perspectives: Italian party against the European Union

SNCDGI : syndicat national des cadres de la direction generale des impots: sncdgi : syndicat national des cadres de la direction generale des impots : organisation syndicale representative du personnel d'encadrement, des cadres du ministere de l'economie des finances et de l'industrie

The Oppressed Iraqis Archives: A modest attempt to document those who served sadam's regime in his oppression machine.

United States Committee for a Free Lebanon: The most comprehensive site on the web dealing with Lebanese and Middle East issues from an American perspective.

-Human Rights Watch:

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