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Links:   Air Force Italy: Sito Amatoriale dell'Aeonautica Militare Italiana fatto da un Sottufficiale dell'Arma Azzurra

army study guide: A free online study guide for the E5/E6 promotion boards and the soldier/nco boards. NBC PT Weapons Chain of command, military customs and courtesies

Army Surplus, Military Equipment and Outdoor Products: Army Surplus, Military Goods, Over 600 US Military Manuals on CDROM. Camping and Outdoor Gear.

ATLAMA Footwera: ALTAMA is a USA manufacturer of high performance combat boots, tactical boots, work boots, hiking boots and fashion footwear.

Close Protection Intervention: close protection, bodyguard,weapons

Defence India: Defence india is the ultimate source for information in the world on the subjects of defence, army news, air force news, navy news, indian navy, military etc.

Homat ALwatan: Military Monthly Magazine issued by Ministry of Defence (KUWAIT

Military,Defense Manuals and Publications on CDROM: Over 10000 US Military,Defense,Technical and Government manuals and publications on cdrom. US army,Navy,Air Force,Marine,CIA,Nato...

North American Special Operations Group: A robust intelligence resource network, specializing in military and law enforcement information and resources.

Picture News - Chinese Military Forces: Picture news - Chinese military forces (Army, Navy & Air Force): Large pictures of newest weapons including warships, submarines, aircraft, missiles, rockets, spaceship, etc.

USAF2000: Directory of USAF related sites and info : The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy: Review the history of the Dutch / Royal Netherlands Navy Submarine Service. Read/view the attack logs, ship specs, eye witness WWII accounts, mission assignments, construction details, periscope shots, mystery images, weapons

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