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Links:   3 Baby Language Tapes: Audio language tapes (& CDs) for infants (birth to age 2). Each tape/CD contains 24 languages (including Arabic). Helps improve a child's pronunciation for many languages. Distributors are needed. popular

4to40 : when school education is just not enough...: 4to40 - Indian Web Portal for Kids. A fun, entertaining and educational free mega site for children worldwide, with lots of interesting activities, games and cool links for kids and teenagers, teachers and educators.

A virtual school: International House Net Languages: A virtual school of English with your own personal tutor asigned. 5 levels. Each level has 120-150 hours of study. Try a free level test and a free trial class. Welcome to the future.

Abu islam muslims arab arabic tv radio news polls message boards links

Académie de la Réunion: Des informations sur le système éducatif de la Réunion, des ressources pédagogiques, des sites d'écoles, de collèges, lycées et lycées professionnels

Agape English Language Institute for Internationals, USA: AELI provides high quality instruction in English for academic and professional needs of Internationals at an affordable cost.

AGODI: El sitio de la unica licenciatura en el paيs destinada a formar profesionales para el Tercer Sector, capaces de desempeٌarse en empresas y el Estado reforzando el aspecto social sin descuidar la eficiencia.

akka secondary school for girls: educartion page the school is in gaza strip, Palestine

American Language Institiute: American Language Institute/San Diego State University-offers year round intensive English programs for international students, professionals, corporations, and government agencies. Since 1974.

American Language Programs: Live and Learn English in the Home of your American Teacher: Students live (homestay) in the home of their own, qualified English teacher. Receive private, intensive English lessons of 15 to 25 hours per week from their own teacher in her/her home.

Anna's Language School and Travel Services: Language training and translation in these languages:Thai, English, Italian, French, and German. Personalizedtravel service in Phuket and the rest of Thailand. Visaapplication assistance for Thai citezens traveling abroad. popular

Anorak IT Consultancy and Training: Anorak IT Consultancy and Training is a growing London based company dedicated to serve people with high quality services. We specialize in setting up online stores and design web sites using Active Server Pages.

Anthro.Net Research Tool: Anthro.Net is a research tool containing thousands of links and bibliographic references for anthropology and archaeology popular

Applied Business Technologies, Inc. Web Site: ABT provides administrative enterprise solutions for small to medium-sized institutions of higher education.

Arab Students: Help for students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

Arabic Language Breakthrough: this site is about research results and products I designed which are part of the efforts pertaining to the modernisation of arabic language.

ARABKIDS: website for kids includes Islamic, Educational and Entertainment content such as: Encyclopedias, cartoons, webtoons & games in Arabic & English.

Archives départementales du Val de Marne: Créées en mai 1968, les Archives départementales du Val de Marne sont la maison de la mémoire du Val de Marne. C'est un lieux d'accueil, porteurs du devoir de mémoire, ouverts aux exigences et à la soif de connaître des citoyens, qu'ils soient chercheurs


balance - supervision, beratung und mehr ..: balance - supervision, beratung und mehr ..

BAYYNAT: موقع المرجع الإسلامي السيد محمد حسين فضل الله

bayynat: موقع المرجع الإسلامي السيد محمد حسين فضل الله .

Bellevue University: Online BS in EBusiness degree program. Take classes anywhere in the world.

Bible Teachers International: Online Bible School with audio and video streaming lessons. Old testament and New Testament. - Your Neuroscience Portal: An online source of information about the brain for educators, parents, students and teache

Brenau University: Online MBA degree program. Take classes anywhere in the world.

Canyon College - Distance learning degrees and courses: Online degree programs in business administration, health care administration, social work, education, psychology, counseling, theology, divinity and more

center of accounting & managerial expertise - came - for training and consulting مركز الخبرات الادارية والمحاسبية للتدريب والاستشارات: بيت خبرة مصري يضم فريق متميز من كبار خبراء التدريب والاستشارات في مجالات ادارة الأعمال وادارة التسويق و الموارد البشرية و التأمينات الاجتماعية و المشتريات والمخازن و الإدارة المالية والمحاسبة والمراجعة و التكاليف و الضرائب والتجارة الخارجية والجمارك وكافة المجالات المتعلقة بالنشاط الإداري والمالي والاقتصادي للشركات. برامج تدريبية تطبيقية متميزة , شهادات معتمدة ويقوم المركز بتقديم المشورة التطبيقية العلمية لحل كافة المشاكل الإدارية والمالية للشركات وذلك بواسطة صفوة خبراء الاستشارات فى الوطن العربى . popular

center of accounting and managerial expertise - came - for training and consulting: came - Egyptian expertise center for training and consulting , highly effectively business administration courses , marketing management programs, ,salesmanship, courses, accounting, costing accounting ,auditing ,taxes

Children of Kenya and East Africa Education Videos - Kenya Africa: Educators, students, parents, and family will enjoy this overview of the Kenya Africa animals, the children, and the land of Kenya, East Africa.

clases de saxo: iniciacion practica a la tecnica del instrumento.- proveo saxofones alto o tenor y material de estudio.- clases individuales y personalizadas.-

college school education: From Arabic Translator to XML. Long (degree) and short courses on-line. Get extra qualifications now. Start when you want, study at home

Computing Club JFTMw: Computing Clubing

Contour Lines. Alpujarra: Contour Lines for rural tourism, quality accommodation, trekking and activity holidays in the Alpujarra mountains of Granada, Southern Spain popular

Dar El Farouk For Publishing & Distribution - Arabic computer, business, cooking books: Dar El Farouk provide Arabic books, computer, cooking, business books and general books, international books for Que, IDG, Bible, Sams, Computerstep, New riders translated into the Arabic language.

de THUISPAGINA van GERARD DEKKER: Links en een pagina java-applets voor gebruik in het voortgezet onderwijs...

Die Seite fuer JurastudentInnen: Alles rund um das Jurastudium. in Zeiten des Internet: Technologien im Bildungs- und Sozialwesen

DoAllShopping - Educational Suggestions: Are you learning about Religion, Languages, Health, etc? Find great learning suggestions here

Dressage Training in Germany: German training center teaching the ability to start and train dressage horses professionally up to all levels. Qualified riders are invited to come with their horses to train and compete in Germany under the supervision of our trainers.

DS-Seminare: Sekretنrinnenseminare,Training,Weiterbildung,Seminare

durrah mag_مجلة دره: مجلة متنوعة -إسلامية -ثقافية -كمبيوتر وإنترنت -علامات الساعة -الإعجاز العلمى فى الإسلام -المرأة المسلمة -دليل مواقع -مكتبة برامج عربية -وموضوعات أخرى متنوعة -تفضل وشارك منا popular

Ecole des Roches: Welcome Ecole des Roches's news 3 schools for children, teenagers and adults from all over the world , french classes primary and secondary high school, 4-19 years old, french as a foreign language learning wathever the level in exceptional

El Rincon del E-Learning: eBooks, Cursos por Internet y Presenciales, Libros...: eBooks y Cursos Practicos por Internet. Tambien Cursos Presenciales y Libros: Bolsa, Superacion, Internet, Alcanzar Objetivos, etc. Servicios de Formacion basados en metodos cientificos y tecnicas modernas de pedagogia

Elizabeth Richards- Bright Ideas for your Classroom Office Library-: Storage and display for Big Books, classroom and library resources. Folkmanis puppets - whiteboards book and kit storage etc.

english @ home - learn English online for free: Learn English for free with our newsletter, learning tips, grammar help, vocabulary, reading, games and FAQ's. popular

English As A Second Language - English Hour: is an interactive distance learning site that specializes in teaching English.

English Editing for Internaltinal -- ESL -- Writers: English Editing for International -- ESL Writers:Thesis, Dissertation, Essay, Report, Term-paper If you must report the research project you've been doing in English, and you've found your writing lacks a smooth

English Language School of Ireland Cork.: One-to-One General English Language Courses and New International Business English Language Courses.

English Language Schools - Your Best Directory: The best and largest directory of English language schools of Australia, Malta, New Zealand and South Africa on the internet. popular

English language schools - Your ultimate directory: Visit the largest online listing of English language schools in English speaking countries to find the best school for you and save by booking through our free service.

English through the news: Learn English with Linguapress magazines, news and cultural magazines in graded English, with word guides, exercises, and lots of interesting articles. Airmail subscriptions sent all over the world. popular

Erlebnis und Adventure: Intersurf AG Herzlich willkommen Erlebnis- und Abenteurpنdag

Escuela de padres. Un plan de formaciَn para padres en aspectos psicopedagَgicos y ambientales.: Escuela de padres. Un plan de formaciَn para padres en aspectos psicopedagَgicos y ambientales.

escuela profesional de arabe: cursos de arabe estandar moderno. cursos de arabe magrebi y egipcio. gabinete profesional de traducctores arabes. arabiyya centre-instituto cultural del mundo arabe.

Esplai Espurnes: LEspai Espurnes es una entitat, en conveni amb lAjuntament dEsplugues de Llobregat. Vetllem per leducaciَ de linfant en les seves estones de lleure, Vine i coneix-nos... popular provides a fast, convenient, and affordable way to improve the grammar, sentence structure, and wording of essays and writing samples submitted as part of

European Surgical Institute - Ethicon Endo Surgery: European Surgical Institute - Johnson

EVENTS: Events and Seminars organizers

Ex oriente lux: Ex oriente lux - eine Begegnung zwischen Orient und Okzident

Executive English for Business Professionals: Executive English provides corporate and business English language training over Internet in highly interactive and entertaining ways. popular

Ezisoft - English Study Homestay - Study English in Perth, Australia: Ezisoft is a company offering English Study Homestay Programmes in Perth, Australia. Study programs include - General, Intensive, Business and Professional English, Conversational English and preparation for university

fahrschule-ploenzig: Infos ueber Fuehrerschein und Strassenverkehr

Fasttrack Teaching Materials: Study and teaching aids for American history. Includes extensive support for students and teachers, including maps, timelines, links, and products.

Feng Shui Ausbildung: Professionelle Feng Shui Ausbildung und Beratung

Fill e.V.: Forum Interkulturelles Leben und Lernen e.V.

Global Education in Switzerland: find YOUR school: GES is a group of 32 schools, members of the swiss federation of private schools SFPS and include some of the most famous and oldest in the country. From pre-school to university.

GoFluent, your English, ESL or French teacher: Learn English, ESL or French with a live teacher that you will find on our on-line language school, and practice on the phone or by videoconference.

Green card information kit: The easiest ways to get your permenent residency in North America

Gérard Michoudet: site perso de recherche d'emploi avec cv à télécharger de directeur administratif et financier bilingue anglais ou US controller.

H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: IT education, Internet education, Internet education Dubai, IT education Dubai

H.H Sheikh Mohammed IT Education Project Dubai: H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum IT Education Project will be implemented in Dubai in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Youth. The Internet Education Project will be implemented in 24 schools in Dubai this year

Hauptschule Langenwang - mit Lernhilfen und Projekten - eine Schule der Zukunft: Hauptschule Langenwang - mit aktuellen Informationen, Lernhilfen und Projekten

Heilpنdagogisches Schulzentrum Montafon: Heilpنdagogisches Schulzentrum Montafon

Holy Home is an international, residential school.: Holy Home is an international, residential school.It is about a school and its method of eduaction and teaching.We want to make our services available to more children on earth by opening up new branches in different countries.

Homepage Verdihuis: Het Verdihuis

Hotel Management: PDIT Hotel Management School and Tourism Training Institute is Accredited by the British Columbia Education Commission. Our Hospitality Diploma & Certificate programs are offered in academic partnership with the American Hotel &Motel Association Educational Institute

Houston Marine Radio: GMDSS Inspection (ABS, Lloyds Approved). Radio Operator / Maintainer Training and Testing. Training Video Production.

IBF Net: Islamic Business and Finance Network: Global Network and Research Center on Islamic Business and Finance for Students, Researchers and Professionals

Institut für Legastheniker: Spezielle Therapie für Legastheniker aller Altersstufen

Insurance Continuing Education: We provide continuing education for the insurance and financial industries

International Student Concierge: Boston's premiere guardianship and relocation service for international students. The world's number one ranked islamic site offering a wide range of islamic information and resources including free downloads of over 300 Islamic books.

Ismer, organisme de formation: Organisme de formation dans le Loir & Cher (France) spécialisé dans l'aide aux porteurs de projets et la formation aux entreprises.

Jordanian - American Commission for Educational Exchange - Fulbright: A non-profit organization which promotes higher education and educational exchange between Jordan and the U.S., through offering grants and scholarships.

Killarney Scgool of English: English Language school in Ireland. Study General English or English for special purposes. You can also study English to help you go to an English speaking university.

Kinderschutzbund Ulm / Neu-Ulm: Kinderschutzbund Ulm / Neu-Ulm

LEARN ENGLISH IN IRELAND: One - to - One English Language Training in beautiful and friendly Ireland. Business and General English with full board accommodation and wide variety of activities.

Learn Spanish in Spain with =elemadrid=: Spanish language school in Madrid, Spain offering a wide variety of Spanish courses and culture classes for adults, professionals and Spanish teachers.

Lernkiste - Gabriele Schmitt: Pنdagogische Konzepte und Theorien zum Lernen

Magic Learning Systems: Hi, i'm from magic learning systems.And I have a product to offer that you may be interested in.It's accepted by the better internet bureu, and has a reputation for excellence.

Maharishi Health Education Center: The Transcendental Meditation Program in Lebanon

Markfinanzas: Escuela de Negocios en Bilbao. Master Executive MBA, Master Logistica, Master Produccion y Organizacion,Master Recursos Humanos, Master Valoracion Bienes popular

MARTIN-LUTHER-UNIVERSITؤT HALLE: Professur Werkstoffdiagnostik/Werkstoffprüfung

McConnell Institute Physical Therapy Education Seminars: The McConnell Institute provides education for physical therapists on patellofemoral pain, shoulder dysfunction and lower extremity biomechanics

MCSE For You: MCP MCSE Certified Exam Questions answers and explanation. All you need to get Microsoft qualifications

MEECCA: Medical Education, Examination, Certification and Career

Meeting Your Education Needs Worldwide: A free website for students with resources in 16 languages including arabic as of August 2001. Articles, links for those interested in all levels of education abroad.

Middle East Schools (me-schools): The meeting place for educators in the Middle East. The site has an employment section, a forums section for the exchange of ideas, a country guide with school listings, along with education-related events.

Mistercode : tests et formation au code de la route: Mistercode : site d'apprentissage au code de la route avec tests et formation. Infos sécurité routière, partenariat auto-école

Mots croisés bilingues franco-espagnols - Crucigramas bilingües francoespaٌoles - M-A.S Ludograf: MASSY, vous propose un concept nouveau, à la fois ludique et pédagogique, dûment protégé, de Mots croisés bilingues franco-espagnols

Mult Lingua Language School: Multi Lingua is a British Council Recognised school with strong links to the Arabic community. We have over 25 years of providing English Language Training.

Navair International Flying College: International Airline Pilot training, leading flying college for international students. Competitive prices. Commercial, private, theory. Charter, hire, ferry. popular

NEED HELP? ASK ALI the TEACHER: An educational website containing FREE homework help / resources for kids,parent's, & teachers. FREE games,FREE internet,biz opps. & much more.

Oferta de hospedaje de cursos en Internet para profesores: Extraordinaria oferta para profesores de todas las ramas del conocimiento, ya disponen de recursos para llevar su trabajo a internet a un precio increible.

On line shop for education products: Books,audiocassettes on :import export,business opportunities,sales,marketing,computers,information for small businesses etc

Oralin Psychic Development and Metaphysical Education: Oralin Psychic Development and Metaphysical Education (53)Correspondence Courses,Workbooks and Workshops for development of your psychic,Clairvoyant and Intuitive abilities.Research experiments,and more. popular

PEAK English- The Online Interactive English school: PEAK English is a comprehensive online learning community for students and teachers of English around the world. popular

Philadelphia University, Amman-Jordan: A fully-accredited university offering educational services in the following fields of specialization: Engineering, Pharmacy, Science, Arts, Law, Business Administration and Financial Sciences.

philo et capucine: Philo et Capucine votre fleuriste. Les fleurs de A à Z. Vente en ligne. Plantes, fleurs coupées, roses, bouquets, compositions florales, décoration florale. Objets cadeaux: vases, luminaires fleurs.

Power Plus Presentations: This company specializes in making PowerPoint Presentations for teachers, trainers, genealogists, students, parents, businesses, in many fields.

Powernetindia: Get a total Information on Educational Institutions.

Professional Management Expertise Center: Human Resources Development, Training center, management, quality , consulting studies

Ramadan & Eid Card Centre: Send beautiful Islamic caligraphy, Ramadan & Eidc card to your friends

Ray Publishing - Arabic Computer, Medical and Educational Books & Multimedia: Publishing house for Arabic computer books, including hardware and software. Medical books used by professionals, Multimedia publishing. Publishing a wide selection of bilingual stories.

Reef Relief - Coral Reef Conservation: Science Education News Photos and Info: REEF RELIEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to Protect Living Coral Reefs. Coral reef science education materials, photos of ocean life, endangered animals, fish, and corals.

Referate: Der Index für die Besten Referate und Fachseiten im Internet


Saudi Paper Help: Help for students from saudi arabia, kuwait, united arab emirates, qatar and bahrain

Schwab Mehrprojekt: Projektmanagement mit EDV

Seminare im Gesundheitswesen: Seminarangebote im Gesundheitswesen

Sistema educativo. Todos los niveles de nuestro actual sistema y sus convalidaciones en un sencillo grلfico: Sistema educativo. Todos los niveles de nuestro actual sistema y sus convalidaciones en un sencillo grلfico

société coopérative agricole de collecte et d'approvisionnement : La Flandr: achat et vente d'agrofournitures : engrais, phytosanitaires, aliments du bétail, semences. Collecte, stockage et commercialisation de céréales, oléagineux et protéagineux.

Spanish Courses in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica: A variety of Spanish language programs offered in Spain and Mexico for you to learn Spanish quickly and effectively. popular

Specialty Center for Special Education: SCSE is a unique private institute setup specially to provide a loving, caring and creative atmosphere for people with disabilities.

Spread The True Gospel: Answers to Ancient Mysteries, Discovery of Earth Energies, Revealing of Extraterrestrial Forces, and Revelations of the New Millennium.

Student Life: Aimed at preparing prospective students for higher education in the Middle East and the United States, Student Life contains a complete listing of universities, jobs and internships, study abroad opportunities, and student organizations.

Studienfِrderung Passo Fundo e.V.: Gemeinnütziger Verein

Study Medicine and Engineering in Ukraine: Online admission and counselling to reputed medical and engineering universitites in Russia. Very low fees and instalments possible.

Targ Eagle: ‘Internet English’ – and more Free Distance Learning for Family / School IT Class. Active learning tool, with ‘on-line’ Free Audio -

Teaches Abroad: A free site for you to place employment ads in teaching throughout the world and for you to search the vacancies available to you as a teacher

Technische Akademie Esslingen: Weiterbildungstrنger Technik und Management

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course: A comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum in basic English grammar. It comes complete with 2 videos and a reproducible workbook/study guide containing lessons, exercises, sample tests and answer key.

The Scientific Foundation of Hisham Adeeb Hijjawi: A foundation supporting Technical and Applied Sciences Education to enhance technology transfer and absorption, in order to develop suitable base for a better human welfare.

Total Marketing: We list the world s best how-to, informative and educational videos and CD-ROMs from around the world

Totnes School of English: A small friendly school for adults near Dartmoor and the sea. General, Business & Technical English. Cambridge Exams. Special English Plus courses: Natural Health, Teachers, Vacation. British Council accredited.

TUV Akademie Middle East: Education, Training in Management and Engineering, Consultancy in Engineering & Management, ISO-9000, ISO-14000, Quality & Safety

TUV Akademie Middle East: Education, Training in Management and Engineering, Consultancy in Engineering & Management, ISO-9000, ISO-14000, Quality & Safety

Universcité: Page consacrée à l'aide en éducation.Créée par des enseignants confrontés à des problèmes de comportements d'enfants tant en famille qu'en société ou à l'école.

University of the Inkas: We invite you to study with us and pursue a Master degree studying at home. visit us at:

Unlock the key to reading: Unlock the key to reading is a parent friendly reading program designed by two Australian special education teachers to help you teach your child to read.

Unz & Co - International Training: Unz & Co conducts programs for executives from around the world in international business, management, finance, human resources, project management,...

USMLE Questions: The ultimate USMLE software program popular

VolkshochschuleWieden: Programm

WARNBOROUGH UNIVERSITY - The international gateway: Warnborough University offers degree programmes at its worldwide affiliated campuses are accredited in their own countries. Degree programmes may be taken on-site or by Distance Learning. Scholarships and Financial Aid are available.

Workcamp: Workcamp

World Friendship via Amateur Radio: View my QSL Gallery Useful links My personal information English page My surroundings popular

World InfoZone: Educational information for all countries including Saudi Arabia

WTech Educational Gateway: Educational information on many areas of the world including the Middle East and Africa

Yes, You Can Teach English with Phonetic Language Arts: Teacher Resource for Phonics in English, ESL, EFL, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Orton-Spalding Based, Flash Cards, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, All Ages, School & Home.

أحدث إصدار عن قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية و التوفل: THE QUICK REVIEW OF MODERN ENGLISH GRAMMAR WITH TOEFL GUIDE

الدراسة الجامعية في أمريكا: الدراسة الجامعية في أمريكا

الدورة العلمية الصيفية لعام 1421: موقع اسلامي يحتوي على تسجيل للدورة العلمية الصيفية لعام1421هـ المقامة في جامع الملك سعود بجدة وتشمل الدورة على دروس في العقيدة والفقه والنحو و مصطلح الحديث والتفسير

المعهد الثانوي الصناعي بجده: أول معهد صناعي بالمملكة العربية السعودية

الندوة العالمية للشباب الإسلامي - الأمانة العامة: الموقع الرئيس للندوة يحتوى على معلومات تفصيلية عن الندوة وأنشطتها وأهدافها ولجانها. على الموقع موسوعة إسلامية ثقافية ميسرة ويتميز الموقع بوجود محركات بحث تيسر الحصول على المعلومة بير. ينشر الموقع أخبار العالم الإسلامي وهو ساحة حوار حول قضايا الشباب

ثانوية أبي أيوب الأنصاري بمكة المكرمة: موقع لمدرسة ثانوية يهتم بالأمور التعليمية والتربوية والتثقيفية

دار ابن الجوزي: طباعة ونشر وبيع الكتب الاسلامية

سعودي في الجامعة الامريكيه: موقع يختص بالطلاب السعوديين في امريكا

شعبة العلوم يالادارة العامة بالباحة: موقع يهتم بالتربية والتعليم

شِبكة مدارس سعودية: أفضل موقع يمكنك أن تزورة اذا كنت معلم أو طالب ( رجال ونساء )، يقدم خدمات مجانية للطلاب والمدارس في المملكه العربية السعودية فقط ، ويقدم موقع مجاني بالكامل مع التصميم للمدارس الحكومية في المملكه . فقط قم بزيارة واحدة وستكررها الف مرة لأننا نحمل كل جديد في كل زيارة لك ..

كيف تتأثر بالقرآن وكيف تحفظه: موقع إسلامي متخصص في القرآن الكريم popular

مركز الاشعاع الاسلامي: عرض جوانب متنوعةعن الإسلام في شكل أبحاث علمية تتسم بالموضوعية مستقاة من القران و السنة في مجال العقيدة,الأحكام,التاريخ,الأخلاق والتربية على ضوء مدرسة أهل البيت عليهم السلام ، كما و يحوي الموقع على التفسير الميسر و الفقه الميسر و قصص للناشئين و مكتبتك الاسلامية و غيرها من الامور المفيدة .

مركز الخبرات الادارية والمحاسبية للتدريب: بيت خبرة مصري يضم فريق متميز من كبار خبراء التدريب والاستشارات في مجالات ادارة الأعمال والإدارة المالية والمحاسبة والتجارة الخارجية وكافة المجالات المتعلقة بالنشاط الإداري والمالي والاقتصادي للشركات , برامج تدريبية تطبيقية متميزة , شهادات معتمدة تقديم المشورة التطبيقية لحل كافة المشاكل الاقتصادية للشركات .

منار العلم: الموقع تربوي تعليمي به ارتباطات بمواقع عربيه وأجنبية تتعلق بالجوانب التربوية والتعليمية والنفسية والاجتماعية ويرتبط أيضا بالجامعات والكليات والمعاهد والمدارس والمنظمات التعليمية ومراكز البحوث والمكتبات وغيرها من الروابط .

منتدى كلية الطب البشري بجامعة البعث: موقع لظب الطب

موقع الترفيه بالتثقيف: موقع تعليمي تثقيفي ترفيهي ، يضم العديد من المقالات و المعلومات العلمية و الثقافية

موقع الدكتور يوسف زيدان للتراث و المخطوطات: موقع عام للتراث و المخطوطات

موقع عسكري: أهم و آخر الأخبار العسكرية و أسرار التكنولوجيا الحربية .. مهم للغاية لك أن تزوره الآن

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